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How can a Beaumont public adjuster possibly increase my settlement offer?

Public insurance adjusters specialize in increasing insurance settlement offers. We do this by being extremely thorough and diligent. In short, we find every possible loss, prove those losses, and claim them for compensation. We may also find inconsistencies in the insurance company's estimates in which case we dispute them.

My claim has been denied. Can you reverse it?

We won't know until we have a chance to examine the claim, your policy, and the losses you've suffered. With a free claim review, you have nothing to lose!

Why do I need my own adjuster?

If the insurance claim is relatively simple and the value of the loss low, you may not need a public adjuster. However, as the complexities and value of the claim rise, the need for your own representation also increases. A public adjuster works on your behalf, making sure that your Beaumont insurance claim is completely documented, estimated, and submitted for full compensation.

Should I file my claim on my own or do I need professional help?

Again, if the claim is relatively simple with small amounts of damage, filing the claim on your own shouldn't be overly difficult. On the other hand, if the claim involves significant losses, the potential that some losses will be overlooked or undervalued goes up. By involving a public adjuster for these more complex insurance claims, you're putting your claim in the hands of an insurance professional that is dedicated to making sure that your claim is fully supported.

How much does it cost?

Beaumont public adjusters are regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance which also specifies how we get paid. We work on a contingency, earning a small percentage out of the final settlement. If we don't settle for you, we don't get paid.