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The insurance claim process is a time-consuming process involving the discovery of covered losses and then estimating the value of those losses. An insurance claim's final settlement could be too low due to errors in both of these sub-processes. For example, if losses are failed to be discovered, they can't be compensated for. Similarly, if a covered loss is underestimated, the settlement will be too low.

In order to increase an insurance claim's final settlement, it's important to make sure that ALL losses are discovered and that ALL losses are accurately estimated. By focusing on these two concepts, you can dramatically increase your final settlement.

  1. Discovery – This phase can be tedious, but shouldn't be ignored. After all, your insurance company can't possibly compensate you for losses it does not know exist. Simply listing lost items isn't enough; you must also prove your losses. Home inventories, receipts, and photos can all support your claim.
  2. Estimating – Your insurance company will send its own adjuster out to review your list of claimed losses and then estimate those losses. Be proactive during this phase and question how estimates are being made. If your claim involves structural repairs or construction work, make sure that the adjuster is using current, local construction costs in the estimates.

In Beaumont, public adjusters are available to handle these processes on your behalf – and there's no upfront charge to you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can maximize your settlement offer.