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Top 5 Signs You Need a Beaumont Public Adjuster

While many Texas insurance claims require little more than a phone call to your insurance company, others are much more complex. Should you file the claim yourself or would you benefit from external help? The following five signs indicate that your claim could use a professional public adjuster's help:

  1. The losses are significant – Small claims tend to have smaller problems associated with them than large ones. The more significant the damage, the more urgent it becomes to stay on top of the process. A public adjuster helps ensure that your claim is handled promptly, professionally, and in your favor.
  2. You don't have time – Whether you're busy with work or an out-of-state policyholder, if you don't have time to handle the paperwork, prove the losses, meet with contractors, and deal with insurance adjusters, consider retaining a public adjuster.
  3. Your insurance company has denied the claim – Claim denials are never the final answer. If your claim has been denied, a public adjuster may be able to change that around.
  4. You don't know what your responsibilities are – If you don't understand what's expected of you, your claim could be at risk. You have numerous responsibilities and if these are neglected, your claim could be underfunded.
  5. The estimates came in lower than expected – Worried that the final settlement won't cover your losses? Concerned that some damage was overlooked? A Beaumont public adjuster can provide you with a valuable second opinion and potentially increase your final settlement offer dramatically.

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